Ray Pasnen – worldwide music.

Ray Pasnen - Live music around the world.
Ray Pasnen

Ray Pasnen is a unique and memorable entertainer who combines his skills as a piano, guitar and harmonica player with an acclaimed vocal style.  All of this wrapped up in a comedic package that is not soon forgotten.  His distinctive voice takes the warmth of Country, the soul of Rhythm & Blues and the driving energy of Rock and Roll and delivers it in a style all his own.

Ray has traveled the world with his live show, making friends and fans.  From Korea to New York, Bermuda to Germany, his endearing stage presence has earned him a place in the hearts of many.  His range often amazes folks.  From old stand-byes to brand new hits, Ray is right at home with any sort of song.

“NYC’s Gettin’ Old” from Change Your Mind by Ray Pasnen.

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Ray Pasnen