Peter May – Greenwich Village NYC

Peter May

Peter May – The Dude!

Peter May has played around Greenwich Village in New York City for many years.  There was a time when you could check him out at The Red Lion or The Back Fence about everyday.  Peter moved to Seattle a couple of years ago and visits us here in NYC from time to time.  A while back, in Seattle, he played with a group called the Shamaniacs.  He brought them back with him once and they jammed around the Village.  Peter and the band, “4th Floor” landed a record deal in 1998 with Paradigm records.  He now has a new solo album called One.  It has some great songs and a great feel with some good-time Rock and Roll.

The Dude!

Peter May

We Don’t Need You – Peter May
Whatever Happened to the.. Oh Oh – Peter May
Won’t You Rock & Roll With Me – Peter May
Video Junkie – Peter May
Dance With Me Tonight – Peter May
Give It U – Peter May
Rain or Snow – Peter May
You Gotta Be Free – Peter May


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