Chucka Riddim – NYC Reggae

Original reggae music from Chucka Riddim

Same as it ever was!!…
A singer sings and a writer writes, an Artist creates and a lover he loves… A driver he drives, and a cook, he can cook, a player he plays, and slayer, he slays… A drinker he drinks, and a smoker a smoke, a dancer he dances, and a joker he jokes… A thinker he thinks and a dreamer he dreams, bless the child whom JAH’s chosen King… Wherever You Go There You Are… Whether Brooklyn, Boca, or Berlin, we play and sing as we’re living the dream!!… Bless…

His up beat reggae tunes are a favorite of hundreds who come to his shows.

Former Singer Songwriter Musician Chairman of the Board, President and Treasurer at Rootstock Productions

Poverty Breeds Contempt – Chucka Riddim
Will You Be – Chucka Riddim
Somebody New – Chucka Riddim
See About Me – Chucka Riddim


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