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Norm Dodge
“Backpacking In Manhattan” from Backpacking In Manhattan by Norm Dodge. Released: 2002.

Norm belongs to the popular acoustic duo Bob & Norm, and  continues to enjoy a successful entertainment career. Featured mostly in the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Bob & Norm have also performed in Boston, Chicago, Pennsylvania and Vermont, providing music for all types of occasions.   Recently, they  were requested to  support Mike Peters of The Alarm on his solo acoustic tour.

Norm’s versatility and adaptability have allowed him to share the stage with many established recording artists over the years. Fellow musicians and bands consistently  seek him out for his ability to step out to the front or to be a sympathetic rhythm section player, and he can accommodate however needed. 

Feels Like I’m Spinnin’ Round by Norm Dodge

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